Email Marketing Glossary
Email Marketing Glossary – letters A-C
Email Marketing is the most cost efficient way for communication with your customers, when done correctly. I sat in many meetings where people were asking me what certain terms mean...
Predictive intelligence
Predictive intelligence
Every interaction between a brand, and a customer is a great insight. Collecting data from different sources...
Email KPIs
Email KPIs – what counts the most?
Some marketers think that Email is the cheapest media channel available to them. Well, I have to disagree – it isn't the cheapest, but can be cost efficient when executed correctly.
Welcome Email
This article is about Welcome Emails or Welcome Programmes. I will describe, what in my opinion good, bad and ugly Welcome communication is.
Customer engagement
How to engage with your customer?
Recipient engagement in email marketing is as important as other KPI’s but it should overlay every email activity you’re planning to run.