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Email Marketing Glossary – letters K-R

Email Marketing Glossary

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This is a continuity of Email Marketing Glossary. Letters K to R explained below:


KPI (Key Performance Indicator) – usually quantitative business performance measurement that differs per organisation. Standard email KPIs may be as follow: Deliverability, Open Rate, Click Rate, Conversion Rate, ROI, etc. See more email metrics


Landing Page – a page on your website that your email’s call-to-action links to. It may explain more around a product or be a customer survey depending on an email campaign.

Lead Nurturing – a process of building a relationship with customers by sending them relevant emails based on their life cycle stage, gathering that data and preparing with a transactional message when the time is right.

LTV (Life-Time Value) – a predicted net profit attributed to the future relationship with a customer, and can be calculated using the following formula: (Avg Monthly Revenue per Customer * Gross Margin per Customer) ÷ Monthly Churn Rate

List Building – growing you emailable customer database by using different channels and techniques i.e. in store or website capture.

List Churn – a process/speed of losing email addresses due to their age, opt-outs, bounces or complaints.

List Growth – a process/speed of gaining new email addresses.

List Hygiene – a process of maintaining a list so invalid email addresses, opt-outs or bounces are removed before email campaign goes out, ensuring all email addresses are deliverable.

List Rental – a technique in with an organisation or a company asks another one that owns an email list to send an email campaign to on their behalf.

List Sale – a process of selling/buying an email list with a permission to email to it. This usually happens when you opt-in to a third party communications.

Live Content – a part of an email template, or a whole email that is dynamically populated based on customer’s segment.


MSP (Mail Service Provider) – same as ESP

Multivariate testing – a type of testing of unlimited combinations of email that is similar to A/B testing but much more complex.

MX Record (Mail Exchanger Record) – a type of a record in the DNS that specifies an email server responsible for accepting emails on behalf of a recipient.


Narrow Layout – an email template that is about 400-500px wide. It is acceptable on mobile devices, but it doesn’t rely on media queries, and look alright on desktop. It’s quite old technique, not as common anymore.


Opt-down – an action that a recipient takes when selecting a different frequency or type of email rather than opting out from all emails, i.e. pause me for 6 months, or send me only monthly newsletter etc. Good technique used to prevent customers from opting-out.

Opt-in – an action that a someone takes by giving the sender their email address, granting permission to be added to a mailing list.

Opt-out – an action that a someone takes when asking to be removed from the mailing list. Person with a positive opt-out status can’t receive any marketing emails from the sender – only transactional/operational emails are allowed.


Personalisation – a method of making emails more relevant to the recipient by adding information or sale messages that are correct at the point of sending out an email campaign. This shouldn’t be limited to a first name or a surname used by many email marketers as the only personalisation technique.

Phishing – a type of messages  that seek to mislead recipients, and potentially steal their personal information or direct them to malicious links.

Plain text – text version of html email required by some ISPs. It’s a best practice method to improve deliverability.

POP (Post Office Protocol) – a protocol used by email clients to send to or receive messages from an email server.

Postini – an e-mail service owned by Google since 2007 providing filtering email spam and malware before it was delivered to a client’s mail server.

Postmaster – an administrator of a mail server. Almost every domain should have the e-mail address where errors in e-mail processing are sent to.

Predictive modeling – a mathematical projection used to predict who is most likely to engage with a particular message.

Pre-header or Preview text – A text that is usually hidden and placed before the header of the email message. It is displayed as a secondary subject line on mobile devices. With Apple devices displaying up to 140 characters, this makes it the best length across all email clients. Some of email clients display only 35 characters, so it’s important to include key message at the beginning of the pre-header

Preview pane – a window in some email programs or webmails that allows recipients to see an email without clicking.

Privacy policy – your company’s statement or legal document on how you will use customer’s data provided by them.


Reactivation email – an email campaign or programme sent to a recipient to encourage them to open emails after a period of inactivity.

Recipient – an individual with an email address who is part of your customer database.

Renderability – a process of checking the ability of an email message to display in a different scenarios as intended.

Reply-to – an email address that is used to receive email responses from customers that is different to from address. It is usually used to record any replies including auto-responses or manual unsubscribes.

Responsive layout – an email that renders differently depending on the webmail or the device that it is being viewed on. It relies heavily on media queries.

Reverse DNS – reverse DNS lookup or resolution (rDNS) is the determination of a domain name that is associated with a given IP address using the DNS.

RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value) – also called RFV – a popular set of metrics for determining the value of a customer. It answers 3 simple questions – R: How recently did the customer purchase? F: How often do they purchase? M: How much do they spend?


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